RMS Olympic EP

by RMS Olympic

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released July 25, 2011

All songs written by Nathanael Felon
Recorded at The Nest by Jordan Dau
Produced by Ben Nine-K
Drums performed by Ben Nine-K
Everything else performed by Nathanael Felon


all rights reserved



RMS Olympic Portland, Oregon

Folk Punk / Folk / Anti-Folk

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Track Name: Counting Down The Days
I was named for a disciple
And my parents had such hopes
That I'd grow up to be a good man
And live up to the name they chose
It's funny how things never go exactly as we plan
Fate twists our best intentions
I don't pretend to understand

It's so easy to find comfort
Writing lists of who's to blame
But in the end I know it's all my fault
I ended up this way
Lists of phobias run longer, now
Than I can bare to tell
'Cuz I know that they'll be haunting me
For eternity in hell

So won't you bury me in an unmarked grave
So my demons never find me where I lay
Or just burn me up 'til there's nothing left to take
'Cuz the Devil, he's just counting down the days

I am searching for new symptoms
And the cures to medicate
Just one good excuse for self-abuse
I know it's much too late
For me to turn it all around
And leave madness behind
Call the doctors and the priests
But they can't change a made up mind

This bottle's half-way empty
Clearing cobwebs from my head
I used to find some comfort
Knowing one day, I'd be dead
But tortured souls still haunt my attic
And I'm becoming one of them
I know exactly where I'm going
I just can't tell you where I've been
Track Name: Two Sweaters In Los Angeles
The bus never showed up
It left me pacing at the stop
Tapping my foot and keeping time
To a movement that has passed me by
And the clouds are just an empty threat
To dampen up my cigarette
To chill me to the bone
To break my spirit, send me home
Worse for the try

But we won't live to see another day like today
And tomorrow will bring troubles of it's own
And the time we have together
Is too precious to waste
And a lifetime is too long to be alone

This guitar's falling apart
I'm holding ashes in my hands
I've got the Devil on my shoulder
And I plead with him to try to understand
Two sweaters in Los Angeles
There's no blood left in my fingertips
Every bottle has run dry
I am too paralyzed to try to meet demands

There is a rich man up the street
Snug in his mansion in the sky
He keeps his rifle steady, loaded
Guards his secrets
He is terrified
And we wish we could be him
Behind our barricades of lies
And watch the world pass through a window
See how dead the grass is on the other side
Track Name: Skin & Bones
I'm tryin' to reconcile
The differences between
Who I am
And who I was
And who I wished that I could be
Boil it all down to a list of pros and cons
And hope it means I'm better off

Draw the line right down the center
Separating shades of grey
Find identifying factors
Clear the rest out of the way
Or bring an arsenal of mantras
Mass-produced to keep us quiet
Keep us calm

I can't recall a time when I ever was content
Now I realize the fault was all my own
And now I am exhausted
And I wish that I could find my way back home

It's getting harder to deny
The photographic evidence
I didn't know that I could smile that wide
In blissful innocence
It's so different from the grin
That I now forge upon my face
Like a signature that clearly is a fake

Now I consider my reflection
Someone I don't recognize
Skin and bones in worker's clothes
Yellow teeth
And tired eyes
A nostalgic, sentimental fool
Losing his mind in his own wake

I silenced my own pulse
Took the pictures off the wall
And convinced myself
I'm better off alone
But now I am exhausted
And I wish that I could find my way back home

I was looking too far forward
What I thought was still ahead?
And I never once stopped to appreciate
I would do most anything to try again
But I know it's much too late
And I can't recall a time when I ever was content
Now I realize the fault was all my own
And now I am exhausted
And I wish that I could find my way back home
Track Name: Hate This Place
I swear to God, I fuckin' hate this place
I punch the clock and watch it tick my life away
So when I leave here
I'm never coming back again
I used to dream of a life more free
But that doesn't seem to be the plan fate had for me
Though I still feel like I am young
And I catch a glimpse of freedom
Every now and then

I still have music coursing through my veins
And a handfull of friends who make me feel the same
As I did when I was young
And didn't give a fuck if I ever found my way

Maybe only fools are dreamers, after all
Maybe I should have given up
Settled down
And gone to school
But I still seem to get by
Just fine on minimum wage
The familiar taste of cigarettes is in my lungs
I've got some whiskey in my coffee
I still know how to have fun
I just don't ever want to be forced to act my age

And if time makes fools of us all
Then maybe this can be my wake-up call
To wipe the sleep out of my eyes
Start to live before I die

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